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How to appear in the directory of members?

If you are a member of our Club, please fill in the form below.
You can see how the members already published are displayed on our map of Richemont Club Great Britain members.

Complete the form with your information

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Main data

(Enter a short description of yourself or your company. This description will be displayed in the directory of members.)

(Your e-mail address will not be published on the website. We will only use it to confirm that we received your data, to ask questions about your data or to alert you when it is published so that you may review it.)


This address will be used to display your location on the
map of Richemont Club Switzerland members.

(Enter Street / Park / Avenue and the number of your address.)

Online contacts

On our website, we avoid publishing contact info (phone numbers, email addresses, ... ) that may become outdated.
However, we will publish so-called "online contacts", such as:
- your website address (URL);
- the address (URL) of the contact form inside your website;
- links to your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo,... ).

If you don't have a website or social media accounts, we will create a page inside the Richemont Club website, containing the contact info you provided in this form.
In addition, we will create a contact form so that visitors may get in touch with you.

(This is the page from your website where the information about your location, phone numbers, email addresses, contact form, ... etc. is kept updated.)

Multimedia material

In this section, we ask you to include some photos and even a video introducing yourself, if you have one.

(Enter the URL/address of your video published on Youtube or Vimeo.)

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